Prayer of Development Consultants

Heavenly Father,
we thank you for choosing us to be
in the field of development consulting,
a calling that carries with it
serious responsibilities
and a strong commitment
to contribute to the improvement
of lives of people
by recommending sound plans
and programs on
and assisting in the implementation
of infrastracture facilities
as well as sustainable environmental and social initiatives.

We pray that we keep the interest
of our clients
and the general public foremost
in our work.

In the execution
of our respective competencies,
we ask the Holy Spirit
for wisdom and guidance
to enable us
to make ethical and moral decisions
and to be a partner of society
in the fight against corruption.

We ask for your blessing
that we will always respect
and treat our colleagues and peers
in the profession
equally and with respect.
This we ask in the name
of Jesus Christ, our Lord.